Addiction Recovery for Christians

Addiction is one of the most painful experiences anyone can have, no matter what the subject of the addiction, especially for a Christian, who knows that we are to be under the control of no one but Christ. We must remind one another that having an addiction does make a person weak, or sinful, just in bondage. But Jesus Christ can break these bonds. These links will take you to several web sites that foster recovery from addiction, from a Christian standpoint.

Christian Recovery International Resources and support for Christians recovering from addiction, abuse and/or trauma. Features online forums, extensive library and daily meditation.
Christians In Recovery provides information, referral and resources for anyone who is in recovery or who desires to recover from abuse, family dysfunction, depression, addictions, etc.
Sex, Love, Relationship & Pornography Addiction Resources Resources guide for information, recovery, support & treatment regarding sex, love, pornography & relationship addiction & compulsivity. (WARNING: NOT a Christian site)
NACR Audio Library The NACR is dedicated to helping Christians recover from abuse, addiction and trauma; must have RealPlayer to listen to these messages.
Christians in Recovery: Christian Alcohol Resources For Christians recovering from alcohol addiction
Free From Bondage, God's Way by Kay Arthur, published by Harvest House Books, copyright 1994, ISBN 1565072057. A study of Galatians and Ephesians using the Precept On Precept Bible study method.
CrossSearch Resources on Addiction Many more links to Christian Recovery sites.
The National Association for Christian Recovery Provides support services from a Christian perspective for those recovering from addictions, abuse, or trauma. Includes forums and resources.
1999 Christian Resource Index: Recovery More links for Christians in recovery.
Alcoholics For Christ Christian fellowship that ministers to three groups: alcoholics or substance abusers, family members, and adult children.

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