Louise Evans

When a chasm shall confront me
that I cannot travel on,
then I shall build a bridge there
to trek at the coming dawn.
I will pray to Christ my Savior.
He will hear the prayer I pray.
He will build the bridge I need
to guide me through the day.
Building a bridge is labor,
a task I cannot achieve.
Hence, I will pray to Jesus
His holy help to receive.
Building a bridge with Jesus
He give me strength and love
He gives me divine guidance
as He reigns in heaven above.
Building a bridge with Jesus
paying to Him to forgive,
any sin that I have sinned
will bless this life I live.
Building a bridge with Jesus
giving to Him my praise,
will ever give me comfort
as I live my earthly days.
Building a bridge with Jesus
that He first built to me
blesses me as I walk this earth
and then leads to eternity.
Building a bridge with Jesus
will bless me this I know,
and lead me into heaven
wherever else I may go.

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