This is a list of churches that I have either been to, been a member of, know the ministers personally, or have found to have very helpful web pages for Christians In Pain.

Riverside Baptist Church - Denver, Colorado.

Riverside is a very conservative, Southern Baptist Church. The Senior Pastor is Rick Ferguson, who was the man who led me to Christ when he was pastor of my home church in DeSoto, Missouri. The Missions Pastor is Duane Arledge, one of my personal mentors and good friends. The resources on the church site are very helpful. Look for the link to Hope For Today, their media ministry.

First United Methodist Church - Lufkin, Texas

I really don't know a lot about this church or its programs, but I do know several very loving, compassionate, and encouraging people who attend there. They also have a very good web site in development.

First Assembly of God Family Church - Lufkin, Texas

I have never attended this church, but I listen to the pastor, Todd Hudnall, on the radio every chance I get. Their website has many things on it that could be of help for Christians in pain.

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