Christians Get Depressed, Too.

Blackness. Despair. Sometimes that is all I can see. You see, I suffer from clinical depression, and have for most of my 35 year-old life. Had I known this when I was a teenager, much pain and trauma could have been avoided. Too many times, Christians are made by other Christians to feel bad about themselves for being depressed. This is so unbiblical! Click here for a list of the most stupid things a Christian can say to another Christian who is depressed.

Always Hope In Sight - Are you a christian who suffers from depression ? Do you feel guilty if you have to take antidepressant medication ? You are not alone.

Christian Views on Bipolar Disorder - Articles addressing the subject of mental illness from various Christian viewpoints, from your Guide.

Christian Depression E-Support - support for those suffering from depression

Christian Depression Page - A site devoted to compassionate information about depression from a Christian perspective.

Depression From a Christian Perspective - Depression is a much misunderstood illness. I know this because I have misunderstood it for most of my life. It was not until depression hit very close to home that I began to educate myself on it. Depression - Many links for those who are depressed. on Depression - Tons of links, not all from Christian perspective

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