Coping With Grief

Until very recently, I did not really have a concept of grief. Sadness, yes, and depression, but never the overwhelming feeling of loss associated with the death or separation of a loved one. I do now. Grief is not something that one can "recover" from. The best you can hope for is to learn to cope with it and not allow it to affect every other area of your life. Here are some links that, I hope, will help you to do that. Not all are from a Christian perspective.


Grief from Suicide

Healing for Survivors of Suicide - Is such healing available. I believe it is, but it won't be easy.

Loss of a Sibling To Suicide - Testimony from someone who lost a sister to suicide, and how she copes with the loss.

1000 Deaths - The person who completes suicide dies once. Those left behind die a thousand deaths, trying to relive those terrible moments and understand...

After a Suicide - What is the best way to serve those left behind?


Grief from Illness

Loss & Bereavement - Information from the National Cancer Institute

Keepin' the Faith - Cancer support for the heart and soul

Cancer Care Patient Briefs - important information about grief

The National AIDS Memorial Grove - serves as a living tribute to all lives touched by AIDS.

Seasons Of Grief And Grace; A Sisters Story Of Aids - When disaster struck and her brother John was diagnosed with AIDS, Susan Ford Wiltshire and her brother began an agonizing but special journey together.

AIDS National Interfaith Network - a network of churches united to assist those with AIDS.


Other Grief Resources

Grief Resources - loss of a partner, child, or parent; working through grief

Grief, Loss & Recovery - message board, memorial walk, The Family Circle, bookstore

Crisis Grief & Healing - introduction, Grief brings chaos, healing stories, gender and cultural variables

Bereavement Resources - information, understanding, resources, coping

Journey of Hearts: Condolences Page - From Kirsti Dyer, M.D. -- ways to cope, poems, songs lyrics, words of solace and inspiration, stories, memorials, and suggested reading. How to help someone who is grieving, depression self assessment, lots more! A must see.

How Men Grieve - From Dr. Kirsti Dyer's wonderful Journey of Hearts site, this article is from the book "Our Mother's Spirits: Great Writers on the Death of Mothers and the Grief of Men", by Bob Blauner. A superb article, both in-depth and understandable.

The Mining Company: Death and Dying - TMC's guides bring you only the best. Visit here for feature articles, top notch Net Links, and more.

The Center for Loss and Life Transition - Dr. Alan Wolfelt is known for his work with grief internationally. His Center for Loss supports a web page that includes resources for bereavement care givers, children, adolescents and adults. There is also an Institute for Bereavement Care givers that offers courses for those people wishing to pursue additional training in grief work.

Crisis, Grief and Healing - Tom Golden is an internationally known psychotherapist, author and speaker on the topic of healing from loss. His web page and links offer excerpts from his book, Swallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing, a discussions page, information from experts, workshop information and columns.

Bereavement and Hospice Support Netline - Links to support groups by state, professional organizations and associations, national bereavement organizations and links to other related sites.

GriefNet - Recently restructured, this site is chock full of resources with grief support groups on line, a resource directory, site for kids and book list.

Growth House, Inc. - A comprehensive site devoted to grief, care of the dying, on line bookstore, chatroom. This site is a winner of many awards and contains many links to other sites as well.

GriefNet Library: Families and Grief - "We've Had the Same Loss, Why Don't We Have the Same Grief? Family Meanings and Family Grief." While every member of a family feels the loss of a loved one in their own way, it often can cause feelings of hurt, resentment and guilt. This article provides insight into this personal issue.

GriefNet Library: Coping with Grief during Holidays - A series of beautifully written articles showcasing how family members cope during the holiday season after facing the loss of a loved one.

Men and Grief - Article on differences in the ways men go through and cope with grief stages. An excellent point from the article, "Men and women must come to a point where they can learn from each other's methods of grieving, rather than judge these methods."

Bereaved Parents Resources on the Net - For couples dealing with loss of a child

Who's Who In The Family - Helping children deal with loss of a parent

Silence Is Not the Answer - How to talk with someone who is grieving

The Remembrance Wreath - A unique new concept bringing back the traditions of times gone by.


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