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The following links may not be suitable for children. There are many Christians who deal daily with the effects of child abuse and other forms of abuse. Some of the links listed below deal frankly with painful issues. God can heal and restore the broken hearted and can set free those held captive by addictions, painful relationships and sin.

A disclaimer of sorts The body of Christ is diverse and made up of many different fellowships and emphases. Each link listed below has particular giftings, strengths and weaknesses. While I cannot vouch for every link here as to their doctrinal statements, I list them, as fellow believers in Jesus Christ, and fellow members of the Body of Christ.

A Christian Counselor A comprehensive website by a professional counselor; free email counseling is available.
Always Hope in Sight Is there such a thing as a CHRISTIAN with DEPRESSION ? The answer is yes. But there IS Hope In Sight
The American Association of Christian Counselors Many, many links, phone numbers, and contact information.
Biblical Counseling Forum A forum for the discussion of the unique practice of biblical counseling, and to provide information to those who want to know more about it
Biblical Counsel helps Has some good books listed for survivors and those who are their support systems.
Biblical Counsel: Resources for Child Abuse Support for victims of child abuse, their families and friends, and even the perpetrator.
Caught by the Web If you are wondering if you have a problem with an addiction to the web, pornography or net sex,check this out.
Center for Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence For information about the intersection of religious issues and: child abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, or clergy misconduct. (Not a totally Christian site)
Christian Counseling Links A huge link index that covers a range of web sites of interest to Christian counselors and those seeking help
Christians in Recovery Child Abuse, substance abuse recovery from Christians point of View.
Christian Recovery Connection Where believers can share their experience, strength and hope and access helpful resources that support spiritual growth and healing.
Christian Survivors of Sexual Abuse A U.K. organization offering various supports and helps for survivors of all forms of sexual abuse.
Dianne's Page A Christian Survivor provides a gentle haven and an informative site.
Domestic Violence Online book written by a Christian woman and how she escaped and overcame the effects of Domestic Violence and stopped the violence.
Elijah House The Power of the Cross Through the Spirit and the Word Working to Heal and Restore Families and Individuals.
Encouragement, Freedom & Victory One Christian's perspective on MP/DID, child abuse, restoration and healing. Warning to SRA survivors, this site could be a bit triggering, so approach with caution
Ephesians Life Ministries Combines Biblical teachings and modern psychology to help each client become the person whom God created him/her to be
Eveswinter A Christian who has found freedom from her past through Christ and loving friends.
Gateway To Joy Features well-known author Elisabeth Elliot. Elisabeth wants to "show how God's Word is good news for all of us - relevant, alive, piercing to the very heart of our need."
Focus Ministries Devoted to offer hope, encouragement, education, and assistance to women who are struggling in difficult circumstances, especially dysfunctional marriages, spousal abuse, separation, or divorce.
Healing the Abused A Christian survivor's perspective on the Healing Journey.
Healing from Rejection One person's view on what should be the Christian's response to rejection.
Heart Menders Intended to help see families enjoying their relationship with each other.
Half Pints Page A Christian survivor.
His Mansion Ministries Designed to offer spiritual healing to young adults who suffer from a variety of spiritual, emotional, and/or behavioral problems.
Hopeful Hands Help for Survivors of Sexual Abuse; challenges you to grow past the abuse, into freedom.
The Krying Muse A Christian writer presents a powerful page full of personal insights and stuff that makes you think.
Mastering Life Ministries Targets areas of life where people are caught and deceived into unhealthy, dysfunctional life-styles.
Meditations for People In Recovery Rooted in God's love. Great for anyone in any form of healing process.
Melissa's Nest A Christian survivor, who also deals with MPD/DID has a wonderful website!
Mission Teens, Inc Christ-centered, non-denominational center providing a residential program for people with life-controlling problems who are willing to seek God as the answer to their problems.
My Beary Special Place Deals frankly with issues surrounding parental rights and the rights of the child to be kept in a safe environment, plus a whole lot more.
National Association for Christian Recovery International Ministries has focused on reaching out and ministering to the veterans still suffering from their involvement in war with special emphasis on the Vietnam era.
New Life Partners Support Help for spouses of loved ones that are addicted to net pornography, net sex chat rooms, etc.
Porn Prayer Support Articles that will encourage those struggling with sexual addictive behavior.
Priscilla Priscilla shares what has helped her in her healing journey. Good links!
Pure Life Ministries A ministry to help those struggling with sexual addictions.
Sex Addicts Anonymous a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so they may overcome their sexual addiction and help others recover from sexual addiction or dependency.
StefieAngels Page Information, links, and support in the area of sexual abuse, MPD/DID, substance abuse and Klippel-Feil syndrome.
A Survivors Story One Christian survivors story of recovered memories, healing and growth.
The Truth Shall Set You Free How a Christian couple, both abuse survivors, have found healing in their lives.
Understanding Domestic Violence What is domestic violence, what are the cycles, what does the bible say about it? How can you heal from it?
Wings A Christian survivor adds her voice and support for others on the road to healing . A very honest site.
Whole Person Counseling Bible-based counseling that ministers to the whole person (spirit, soul, & body).

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