Hope For Today - This is the web site for the media ministry of Riverside Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Rick Ferguson is a gifted preacher, teacher, and leader. Rick is the preacher who led me to Jesus in 1986.

Precept Ministries - Kay Arthur and her husband founded this ministry for the purpose of teaching people how to study the Bible in a way that actually makes sense of the text to normal Christians. Her book "How To Study Your Bible" is a must-read for anyone who is seriously about learning the Scripture.

Truth For Life - Alistair Begg is a preacher from Scotland. Not much in the way of comfort or humor, but very gifted in sharing the meaning of the Bible. I make it a point to listen to him every chance I get.

Christian Research Institute - This is THE organization for comparative religion. Information is available on just about every sect, group, cult, and abherrent doctrinal practice. Lots of information on the so-called "Pensacola Revival."

Walk to Emmaus - An interdenominational movement that has been the source of more incredible Christian love to me than any other Christian organization I have been a part of. Every adult Christian owes themself the opportunity to at least check out this ministry.

Focus On The Family - Dr. James Dobson's organization for any aspect of family life. Tons of information for anyone and everyone.

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