One of the most crucial aspects of spiritual and emotional healing is membership in a local church. The church you attend, and more importantly, the people you attend there with, can make a vital difference between inner healing and more pain. I have found that my fellow Christians can be a source of unending support, love, and encouragement, but we all know that churches are also full of people who are hateful, judgmental, and downright mean. So which church do you join? There are so many choices!!! Here are some things to think about when looking for a good church.

Some Christians have a difficult time with denominationalism. I do not. I think that denominations are important, as long as we are Christians first and a member of our denomination second. The denominational web-sites below represent some of what I consider to be the best available today. (Please see disclaimers at the bottom of this page.)

For a list of individual churches that I feel are helpful for hurting Christians, go here.

Disclaimer: It's my page. I can put on it what I want. :)

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